July 17, 2013

– Pearl Loehnig, a second year Master's candidate and Luskin Fellow in Urban and Regional Planning at UCLA, has joined the company for the summer as a paid intern. Pearl is providing administrative support to our Construction Project Manager as we prepare to bid out $20M in vertical trades for our Carson project.
Pearl grew up in a family of eight children in the East Bay and Sacramento. Her dad put in long days as a journeyman union carpenter; a strong work ethic, and a love for construction and development flow through her veins. She worked full time her junior and senior years at Rio Linda High School, and still managed to find time to run track and field, serve as her school's student body president, and graduate as one of the highest performing students in her senior class.

As an undergraduate at UCLA, she earned a degree in world arts and cultures with honors in just three years, while working at the university's Community Programs Office and conducting research throughout.

Prior to enrolling in the Masters Program at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, Pearl worked at UCLA's Black Worker Center as a Community Organizer for two years. She seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society, and is fascinated by the role of development in promoting healthy community growth.

We're grateful for her presence here at Community Dynamics, and know that she'll be making meaningful contributions to the communities in which she works going forward.
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